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Here at H. Corbin Creative Works we have always been enthusiastic about great writing. I am privileged to have been able to turn my passion into a thriving career as a professional Author. Read on to find samples of my work, a detailed bio, and more.

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Behind the Author

H. Corbin (Or H as her friends call her) has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. Being a stay at home mother that has been hit with quite a few bumps along the way, things just never really worked out quite like she planned. Her first book details the history behind her upbringing and a lot of the struggles and triumphs she has seen along the way. Writing was and always will be something that is very close to her heart. But, in the long run it just never seemed that she was able to finish what she started. Until it came to what she knew best. Her own life. So finally she took the plunge bought a computer in December of 2019. Shortly thereafter she pumped out her very first published work in just a little over 2 months. Start to finish it was unbelievable that she actually had accomplished something that she had only dreamed of doing. With physical issues, chronic illness, and what seemed like everything else just holding her back she knew that God's timing was always right on cue. Low and behold Flying by the seat of my pants was born.



May 4, 2020

A mouthy redheads take on love, life, family, and the bumps that came along the way. Showing that it's okay to not be okay and tackling the hard subjects that nobody wants to talk about. Its real its raw and its funny as heck! It's got a little something everyone can relate to an even more for the people in the back who've been left out. 
Grab a copy for yourself and I hope you enjoy!

Get excited Book 2 is coming soon!!!!!


“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

Franz Kafka


The Adventures of Kaleb and Annalise

Our newest project is a set of twelve children's books! Three are written and we are we are working with our Illustrator to get them finished up! Our Illustrator is a young lady who in my eyes is a prodigy in the art world. I look forward to sharing her work with the world! Our series is a Biblical Children's saga with original Bible stories seen through the eyes of children! More often that not there are no children to speak of in the Bible except in a few places. Our stories are placing fictional children into those stories. Bringing a new and fresh light to them that your children can relate to, while still sharing the Biblical story of Jesus. Coming to a bookstore near you

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EveryDay I'm Hustling

I 100% believe in having multiple income streams. On top of my writing career I have decided to join multiple Direct Sales companies. From my first love COLOR STREET, Tula Xii, and all the way to my most recent acquisition Thirty-one gifts. I have fallen in love with these companies and what they are able to offer me and other people. Being disabled, it is a hard thing to come by a job that is easy enough to work from home and do on my own schedule. 

I love building my team and bringing the epicness that is all of my different hustles to my brand. H. Corbin Creative Works is constantly growing and trying new things. My efforts is to build a brand that people know about and to become a household name! But most of all I desire to bring Jesus to every aspect of my life! So good business practices and honest dealings will always be at the forefront of my  hustling. Join me and together we will build an empire to rival all others!  


Red Zone: Book 1

Ember Macmillan is a super hyper, devil-may-care type personality. Or she was until her parents were killed in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Enraged, with a passion for revenge, she becomes a pilot with the United States Army as soon as she turns 18. After training, she spent 8 years with the Special Forces unit flying mission after mission. Until one mission, she doesn’t make it home. All seems lost until finally she’s found unconscious in the arms of her dying best friend with no memory of how they escaped or of what happened to her. 3 purple hearts later for her battle scars and a silver star she is discharged with full honors but completely broken. 
Unable to cut it in the civilian world she joins her local law enforcement unit to become a hardened beat cop. Running from her memories and unable to put them behind her. One grueling gun battle later and it all comes flooding back. She’s yet again broken and leaving another job. 
Her family desperate to help. They reach out with what would seem to be a simple armed guard position. Should be a walk in the park, or so they think, and that, that’s when all hell broke loose. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



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We cherish your feedback like this fat girl loves cake! If you have read it please feel free to leave any comments or reviews on our customer contact form, or on Goodreads.com, and or on whatever platform that you have purchased it from! I love you all very, very much! Without you I wouldn't be a published author! Thank you times infinity!

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