Brand new Author. This time its for real!

You know there comes a time where you have all your dreams and plans and they start to come together and tour like yea man this is great. Well if your like me you may have never had that happen before. Until very very recently... If you have had a chance to read my book you know my life of late at least hasn't always been a bed of roses. But. Just 2 days ago i got to experience something I never thought I would. I got to hold my dream in my hand!

My hardcopies of my books finally came in. I help something that i put my hard work sweat and ALOT of tears into in the palm of my hand. It was no longer just something I saw on a screen, or on a backlogged dashboard. This was a reality and it was in my hands. Origionally when it got shipped it got lost and it took way longer than intended to get here and it just seemed everything was in my way. But now. This surreal thing was here! I opened the box and i promise you i burst into tears. The very first thing i did was call my mom. And we face timed as she watched me open up my life's work.

My mom was literally the first person to get her hands on my book figuratively speaking because she was my editor. My mom was the one that instilled a love of reading into me and a love of Jesus just like my dad. When moms around there is always a book in her hand and if I could I would love to know her body count when it comes to books because I can guarantee its in the hundreds of thousands over the course of her lifetime. But, the very first person in history to ever have laid hands on my book in person was. The one man who changed my life in more ways than he will ever know. And that's my dad.

My mom and my dad both have been my backers and caretakers in my life in more ways than they ever should have to have been. They have instilled me with everything that I need. But first and foremost they have shown me and taught me to Love Jesus. They both live it every single day. And yes they have their flaws don't we all. But I could not express in one blog post how ecstatically greatfull for them I am.

Always push for your dreams and know that even if they don't feel like they will ever come true if you are working in Gods will and desiring to honor and glorify Him then He will honor you in all that you do.

This has been another late-night mindless rambling by your friendly neighborhood crazy redheaded chick.


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