What its like to work in my shoes

You start out your day not looking wonderful. Always tired and unable to barely keep your eyes open. Your new spot of life is right on the couch. It hurts but it doesn't hurt as bad as walking or moving does. So i curl up in my most comfortable position and just lay there. Yes my hubby says the seat is mostly broken cause it shouldn't go back that far but its okay because its what's comfy for me. Then after sleeping off and on after making a playlist of youtube videos for the kids i finally think about getting up and eating lunch. If i can stomach it that day. Or i just let them practice their independance and ember makes some semblance if a sandwich. Shes actually getting pretty good at it.

Today we went swimming. It was nice because my mom was here and i was able to handle the water for maybe a long 30 minutes. It was great to get some pressure off my back but oie does it all come right back on when you step out.

I hope that picture shows up better than it is on my end. But that was when we were putting in the new pool. Then we sat down and watched movie with my mom and i got some work done with my manager. Aka my best friend who helps keep me in line with all this book stuff because without her i would be completely overwhelmed and have nothing under control at all!

I even did a face mask that a friend from church sent my way when i didnt make it to church because of being in the hospital over the weekend. So now i am sitting here in bed. Ive gotten 2 of my 3 book covers done and a lot of my todo list done thanks tomy amazing alyssa stephens. But i need to work on my next book. But thats just kinda how my days go. By the time i get around to it my arounds done gone and got up and left. So im laying here fresh faced and off my feet waiting for my husband to come home. So he can make dinner because my body is tapped out for the day. And i feel like a heal. Because i did so little and yet thats all i could do. But in the long and the short of it. I do what i can. So this is the real true nitty gritty of my life. It sucks sometimes and it aint all rosey but we get by as best we can and most days its but God. But with God all things are possible.

Love you all.

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