Where are we at today?

Boy... Have things been going nutso for sure.

Where do I even begin? I have been going through the ringer lately... Between medical issues, to withdraws from medication, to mental health struggles. Starting up with 7 or more new companies. With everything going on it has been super easy to get sidetracked.

Because of that I haven't been writing very much. Anxiety, panic attacks, being just in general busy beyond anything I have ever been before. It's... I don't even have words.

We are currently staying at my parents home because ours had a massive sewage leak. (more about that in book 2) so we are all couped up in a 3/2 with 6 people. Did I mention I was stressed? No? Well... I'm stressed.

But I mean what are you going to do other than the best you can to survive?

Every day I am more and more looking forward to seeing my savior Jesus. But Lord willing I will see Him later rather than sooner. But that's completely up to Him.

But of late I have finally been getting back into writing. I am currently working with my new found illustrator (Sarah Beach). I am beyond excited for the things that we have coming together in the very near future. She is an extremely gifted artist and I am so excited for just the few mini things she has sent me! It's crazy when you see another vision of yours finally coming together.

I also am hopefully going to be getting back into artistry myself so that my future endevours I might be able to illustrate myself! But that's WAYYYYY Down the rode. And I know you all are really looking forward to me getting more content out as soon as possible. But the creative fires are burning for sure.

But I will be completely honest with you all as I strive to be as transparent as i possibly can be on this whole journey. I have been STRUGGLING! The struggle bus hasn't even be able to leave the station lately. But what I am learning is more and more and more to lean into Jesus and let Him take control. Because nothing I have been doing is working so I just have to give it up to Him. Did I mention I was struggling?

All in all though I am getting there. I am working towards getting my health back under control and taking back my life from my illnesses. I am trying to organize and figure out whats next and where everything is going. From my brand new side hustles to my writing and brand. It's all working out to God's greater glory. I just get to sit here and hang on for dear life. No matter what happens God is going to get the glory in my life.

So just come along with me and know you aren't alone. I love you and I will be here for you. If you ever need a moment of clarity and feeling like you aren't the only one with a dumpster on fire in 2020 then just hang on. We are all in this together and I am ready for the Lord to come back for sure.

I don't even know where I was fully going with this but ah well. You are loved, you are needed, and you are not alone!

Jesus Loves you and so do I.


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